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Charlotte Hunter Bio

Harlem was the playground I grew in. I was born in the late forties. My mother aspired to be an esthetician, while she worked as a housekeeper. My father was a driver for a private sanitation company. My parents provided me with what was then considered to be a generous upbringing on their sweat and labor. I grew into a wild and rebellious young woman scratching for freedom and the truth. In no way accepting the world's limited view because I was Black. Having a sense of knowing was always familiar to me and being a conduit for the spirit of grace is comforting.

I once believed that when you found the truth you were set for life. There are many landscapes crossing this terrain to finding one's truth only to realize that you are resting for a while. Then moving onto the next arena where another doorway to truth awaits you.

There is clarity and much joy in assisting others to be in their full-blown self. To holding the gates of love and light wide open as they soar. Leaving fear and doubt behind as wisdom's grace escorts you to a greater reality. We are meant to be happy, to live a life from the spirit where the bells of freedom rings as we lay down those moments of forgetting.

It was through the doors of broken dreams which led me to seek help. The questions all of us ask, “who am I, why am I here” allowed the paths to open. 

Credit to my teachers:

Jan O' Kelley, A Course in Miracles.

Plant Spirit Medicine Keshav Howe

Rev. Daniel Neusom, Sacred Light Fellowship

Julie Berndt - Spiritual teacher, Advisor, emotional release work, medium 

                      Advance work with Julie working in different modalities. "There is no degree of

                      difficulty for miracles to happen".

Master teachers.  Thank you.

Meridith Glabman – co-author Emmanuel’s Book, Voices of Truth

Pat Rodegast -  channeled Emmanuel

Eva & John Pierrakos

Reiki Rhonda

Ginger Glass

Dr. Anya Hricko


It is my intention to assist others in discovering their full potential found within themselves.

Charlotte Hunter – Spiritual Advocate / Life Coach

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