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Personal Coaching With Charlotte S. Hunter

I offer personal coaching to the public and nationwide through channeling, guided meditation, emotional release, active listening as you begin to see the fantastic being you are, 

The goal is to assist you in finding your awaken self through the doorways of self-discovery.  To live your best life and to understand what it really means to be alive.


 I have over 35 years of spiritual training from many teachers. This allows me to be with you in your process of finding key elements which brings you closer to The Self. I would be honored to work with you to achieve the peace and joy we all want for each other. Manifestation is not out of anyone's grasp. It is here for all of is. 

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*When you book your appointment you will fill out an intake form on this website to determine if your ready for your session with me. Please see my disclaimer page.

The hour that reboots your life.
Life Coaching
1 hr
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